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To explore the vibrant business landscapes of India, the e-business visa india serves as a gateway for the international entrepreneurs and business professionals who seek to establish themselves in the fastest growing economy in the world. There are essentials details which must be kept in mind while applying for the e-Business visa for India vis-a-vis eligibility criteria, required documents and the entire application process.

Research and Planning

The applicant must conduct a thorough research on the potential business opportunities, establish contacts with Indian companies or any potential business partner and on the Indian market. A clear understanding of the Indian business market and objectives is extremely important for planning and successful execution of the business ideas.

Eligibility Criteria

There are certain criteria to be eligible for an Indian business visa which an applicant must meet. Being a person of assured financial standing, intending to visit India for investment or business activities such as exploring opportunities through attending meetings, conferences and signing business agreements. A very important thing to note is that taking any kind of employment and contractual job are not permitted under the e-business visa category

Online Application

By providing an online portal, the Government of India has simplified the tiring and complicated process of the Indian Visa application process for a business person. The online visa application must be completed and submitted the prospective business visitor providing accurate personal, business and professional details. The supporting documents must match all the crucial information shared in the visa application.

Supporting Documents

Applicants are required to attach a set of supporting documents to supplement their e-business visa application. There are certain dimensions in which these documents are required to be uploaded with the application. These documents are typically a clear scanned copy of the passport’s bio page with personal information, a recent passport size photograph, a letter from the applicant’s company endorsing the visit to India specifying the business purpose and an invitation letter or a written business correspondence from an Indian entity.

Paying Fees

After submission of the application form, the fee is required to be paid online through the payment gateway or medium provided online. The application will be processed only after payment of the appropriate fee for the e-business visa for India. The visa fee varies as per nationality of the applicant. The validity of the e-Business visa is 1 year from the date of entry into the Indian territory and multiple entries are permitted during the valid period.

Processing Time

The processing time for the e-business visa is typically 4-7 days however the visa may be issued or rejected by the Indian Government. At times the application goes through various scrutiny for security reasons which may delay the grant and rejection of the visa. The status of the visa application can be checked online anytime. It is always advised to apply for the e-business visa well in advance to avoid any last minute complications. To avoid rejections and unnecessary delays, it is important to carefully submit all the details and documents in the required format instructed online.

Visa Approval and Email Confirmation

For security reasons the visa grant letter is sent only through to the registered email address of the applicant given in the visa application. Once the visa is approved, the visa grant letter is sent in the attachment in the email. This letter must be printed and presented to the Immigration authorities and wherever else it is required during the travel.

Arrival in India

International travellers must furnish the Visa approval letter to the Immigration officer along with the passport and any other relevant documents demanded at the checkpoint. Visitors Biometrics are mandatorily captured at all the checkpoints during the immigration process.

Duration of Stay and Extensions

The e-business visa permits multiple entries with a maximum stay of 180 days at a stretch during the validity period. The visitor must adhere to the validity of the visa to avoid any unwanted circumstances at the time of exit from the country. For any extension beyond the validity, a request for an extension must be submitted at the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in India.

Features and Benefits

The Indian e-Business Visa opens doors for the thriving International Entrepreneurs and business professionals to explore the vast potential of the Indian market knowing they have an excellent opportunity to expand their business horizon in one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The Indian visa online process streamlines and ensures a smooth visa acquisition experience supported by accurate documentation and thorough research. The Business visitors can embark on their journey to India with confidence by carefully following the guidelines provided by the Government of India.

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