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Instructions for Indian Visa Application

  • e-Visa Indian is divided into 5 major categories such as e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa, e-Medical Visa, e-Attendant Visa and e-Conference Visa whereas the Indian e-Tourist Visa is further subdivided into 3 categories which are a) 30-Days IndianTourist Visa, b) 1-Year Tourist Visa and c) 5-Years Tourist Visa,

  • An international traveller travelling on Attendant Visa and e-Conference Visa will be allowed to club activities permitted under e-Tourist visa only (validity with e-Conference Visa is only 30 days).

  • Only two Indian e-Medical Attendant Visas can be granted against one Indian e- Medical Visa.

  • For Indian e-Tourist and Indian e-Business visa, Applicants of the eligible countries/territories may apply online 4 days in advance of the date of travel.

  • For e-Medical, e-Medical Attendant and Indian e-Conference visa, passport holders of the eligible Nationalities may apply online 4 days in advance of the date of travel with a window of 120 days. Example: If you are applying on 1st Oct then applicant can select any arrival date between 5th Oct and 1st Feb.

  • eVisa application form can be started from the APPLY HERE link on the Home page of this website

  • Your most recent photograph facing front with a light background and a clear photo of the main page of Passport possessing personal details like name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, issue and expiry date etc are to be uploaded along with the application.

  • One more document may be required to be uploaded with the application on your Indian visa depending upon the category of e-Visa you would apply for. The application is subject to rejection or approval depending upon the sanctity and clarity of your uploaded documents and photograph in line of the required specifications from the Government of India.

  • charges you a processing fee over and above the visa fees charged by the Government of India. The total fee that we charge from the applicant is already inclusive of the Indian Government fee as well as our processing fee. e-Visa fee varies from country to country and also on the category of e-visa India you choose to apply for. A transaction charges of 3% shall be levied additionally on the India e-Visa fee.

  • Once the Indian visa application is submitted and paid for, it is non-refundable as the total fee that we charge is for processing your application and it is not subject to the approval or rejection. Visa is approved or rejected by the concerned Indian authorities which can not be influenced externally.

  • The fee must be paid online at least 4 days before the actual travel date otherwise application may not be processed. Kindly find the fee table for different types of e-Visas you can apply online.

$ 75.00
NA $ 125.00
$ 145.00
NA NA $ 225.00
NA $ 225.00
NA $ 225.00
$ 225.00

  • All the applicants are advised to carry a copy of the issued Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) along with himself/herself at the time of travel and during their travel. Please confirm that your ETA status is shown as 'GRANTED' on this website prior to commencement of your journey. Applicants can track the status of their application online by clicking VisaStatus

  • Biometric details of the traveller shall be captured on arrival at Immigration check points in India.

  • e-Visa is granted online but you are required to take a hard copy of the visa grant letter. This e-visa for India once issued is non-extendable, non-convertible & and it doesn’t give you the permit to visit the Protected/Restricted and Cantonment areas. If you require to visit such areas then you must avail prior relevant permits from the Civil Authority.

  • After the e-Visa fee is paid the status may get updated in few minutes but on very few occasions it may take up few hours because of some technical glitches or network issues. The applicants are requested to wait for few hours for payment status to be updated after the final submission of the application form and payment of the fee. In such cases where the Visa fees have been deducted at the source but status still reflects as unpaid, the applicants are requested to verify their payment status by contacting our customer support.

  • Travellers arriving at the Indian check points from any Yellow Fever affected countries must possess a YELLOW FEVER VACCINATION CARD, otherwise they may be required to be quarantined for minimum 6 days upon their arrival in India. Please also visit the Ministry Of Health & Family Welfare guidelines for the yellow fever countries. You may find detailed information about the yellow fever.

  • It’s mandatory to travel only on that Passport against which the visa has been granted. You shall not be permitted to enter into the Indian territory on the passport against which no e-visa has been issued, In such cases where the passport against which the visa has been issued, one must possess their old passport as well during travel.

  • The required documents for completing the Indian e Visa application is mentioned against each e-Visa category. Please keep all these documents ready at hand before beginning to fill your e-Visa application. Each and every document must be in English language, failing which the application would lead to rejection. The entire process may take half an hour to complete the application including the online fee payment. Applicants are required to fill eVisa application themselves and always divulge correct information in each section and they are completely responsible for the authenticity of every information provided.

For e-Tourist Visa

  • Scanned first page of the machine readable passport showing the photograph and other personal details.
  • For short term courses, copy of letter from the institute/organisation/hospital etc. concerned on Its letter-head.
  • For voluntary work of short duration, copy of letter from the organisation concerned on its letter head.

For e-Medical Visa

  • Scanned Main Page of the passport containing the Photograph and other personal details.
  • Scanned copy of a letter from the concerned Hospital in India on its letterhead with the tentative date on which the treatment has to begin.

For e-Medical Attendant Visa

  • Scanned copy of the first page of the passport showing the photograph and other personal details.

For e-Business Visa

  • Scanned copy of the main page of the passport showing the photograph and details.
  • A clear scanned copy of the Business Card as well as any letter of invitation if applicable from Indian business party which wish to conduct the business with you (optional).

For Sports Related Activity

  • Clear scanned copy of the Passport main page containing personal details.
  • Approval of the Government of India or from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Department of Sports India, for the event.
  • A scanned copy of the Invitation letter to the foreign sports teams and also the sports persons to visit India by the concerned Sports Federation in India.
  • If the applicant had participated in any commercial sports event during his/her previous visit to India, then documents regarding Tax compliance for the said visit are to be furnished.

Note: If any event or a part of the event entails visit to Restricted or Protected Areas in India then following additional documents are also to be furnished.

(a) Clearance for holding the event from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

(b) Political Clearance for holding the event from the Ministry of external Affairs, Government of India

(c) Requisite clearance from the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports.

(d) For e-Business Visa visiting "To deliver lecture/s under Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN)”

(e) Scanned Bio Page of the passport showing the Photograph and Details.

(f) Invitation of the host institute to the foreign faculty.

(g) Copy of the sanction order under GIAN issued by the National Coordinating Institute viz. IIT Khadagpur.

(h) Copy of the synopsis of the courses to be taken up by the faculty.

For e-Conference Visa

  • Scanned Bio Page of the passport showing the Photograph and Details.
  • Invitation from organiser, which applicant may seek from this organiser.
  • Political clearance from Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Event clearance from Ministry of Home Affairs.

Note: The digital photograph to be uploaded along with the Indian Visa application form should meet the below mentioned requirements for smooth processing.
Format - JPEG
Size : Minimum 20 KB    ||    Maximum 5 MB

  • The height and width of the Photo must be equal.
  • Photo should present full face, front view, eyes open and without spectacle.
  • Center head within frame and present full head from top of hair to bottom of chin.
  • No shadows on the face or on the background.
  • Without borders.
  • Scanned Bio Page of the passport showing the Photograph and Details.
  • Format -PDF.
  • Size : Minimum 10 KB ,Maximum 300 KB.

Other document for Business/Medical Purpose.

  • Format -PDF
  • Size : Minimum 10 KB ,Maximum 300 KB.

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