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The Project Visa is provided to those foreign nationals’ employees who serve in the Power and Steel sector, and wishes to come in India under a project to complete through a special visa called Project Visa, as long the company gets satisfied with the work and conditions. However, the Project Visa is granted to skilled and highly qualified foreign national workers who have years of experience in Power and Steel sector. If a new employee is hired to these companies can also apply for the same, if he is chosen for training execution, competition, initiation and sanctioned project. It is a multiple entry Visa, whose validity is decided upon the project’s duration.

Eligibility for Project Visa

Project Visa is counted as the very specific type of visa provided by the Indian government to foreign nations to visit for a project to finish. This visa is issued only Power and Steel companies for building-related purposes. However, there are eligibility criteria for such as visa along with special condition, duration and exclusions, mentioned below:

  • If you are someone who works in Steel and Power Company, then you should be a skilled and highly experienced worker on the company so that the authority can be assigned you to work on a project in India with this visa.
  • However, if you are an under-experienced or semi-skilled worker, then you should wait until you work expertly to get the Project visa.
  • A foreign national or company who is been issued a Project Visa can work on the provided project and cannot shift companies and projects.
  • Project Visa holder restrictedly be on the project area, residence, and employment location, where the project is going on.
  • The name of the worker, location, etc. about the project is mentioned on the Project Visa is allowed to work on the area which is allotted for construction for the duration of his or her stay on the particular or given area.
  • The visa validity is for the entire duration of the project until the works not done, however, it is limited to one year. If the project works still pending during the specific time, then the Visa Holder can apply for another visa.
  • Any Project Visa holder wishes to travel in India cannot seek employment in the Indian company that recommended the Visa for the project will be issued for a period of 2 years from the date of the project when its starting or commissioning.
  • However, the applicant needs to have relevant documents so that he or she can submit the application for the Project Visa.
  • You must have your primary documentation including all your official documents that clear, you work as an employee of the Power and Steel company and coming to India for a project that is assigned to you for a certain time by an Indian company for a duration until the project done.

Documents required for Project Visa

If you are selected for a project in India by your company, then you need to aware of the required documents whether it is personal or professional. While you submit your application for Project Visa—Be-sure to have these documents with you:

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months’ validity remains when you apply for Project Visa.
  • You should have a photocopy of your passport so that you can show or submit the copy with your other documents to the embassy.
  • You also should have your recent passport-sized photograph with white background. The photo should not have shadow, borders, or any design.
  • You need to apply for Project Visa by filling all the necessary details and data of your personal and professional arena.
  • Then, you should have your appointment letter from the company where you work.
  • Letter from Indian company confirms that a sanctioned project has been transferred to a foreign company for execution, training, completion, and the process.
  • However, you should also have your contract letter from the Indian company.
  • At last, you must give all the relevant details of your organization where you serve your expertise.

The validity of the Project Visa

The Project Visa holder must register himself or herself with relevant FRO/FRRO within 2 weeks or 14 days of his or her arrival to India for the project work.

The Project visa is valid for the entire duration of the project until it is done or for one full year. If the project is not done within this period, then the visa holder can apply for another visa. The Indian company that hired a foreign company to complete the building work is expected to mention the estimated time for the project completion. Once the project gets done, the visa holder is expected to return the visa and leave India.

Project Visa Fees

If you are thinking about its fees, then let us tell you that the total fee for Project Visa depends on the exact type of visa which you need to submit. However, the visa fee is divided into three sections;

  • Basic Fee
  • Special Fee
  • If you are applying from an outsourcing agency, then you need to pay Processing fee.

However, the total fee for your Project Visa will display online when you submit your application form after providing personal and professional information to the Indian authority. When you come at the last process of your registration you will be asked to pay your processing fee so that your application can reach on the final stage- at the concerned counter.

Sector specific ceiling

The government of India has allowed the Project Visas in Power and Steel sectors


A block of two units considered as one project in order to apply for the Project Visa where the main plant equipment are—Boiler, Turbine, Generator (BTG), and its subsystems must be from foreign Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). However, the maximum number of foreign workers is allowed from 50-70.
For Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) project, where the company should have its main plant, equipment and sub-system and parts of the Balance of Plant (BOP), sourced from foreign OEM. Its foreign worker should be 76 to 125. However, this would be for an EPC project containing of two units of 660 MW and above with supercritical technology and mechanicals. In case, the number of units is more than two in every project, then the foreign workers would be allowed as per the list below:

Additional unit (if the project size exceeding 600 MW capacity) Where main plant equipment (BTG) & its sub-systems are sourced from foreign OEM EPC project where main plant and equipment, its sub-systems and full or part of the Balance of Plant (BOP) is sourced from foreign OEM
1st additional unit 105 187
2nd additional unit 122 219
3nd additional unit 140 250
4nd additional unit 157 281

(Note: if you want to qualify as a separate project for additional units at your undertaking location, you should have a contract between two projects).

However, for a project, Flue Gas Desulphurization System (FGD) can also be sourced from a foreign supplier, and then you would be able to add 25 workers in your project.

  • 1st additional unit - 37
  • 2nd additional unit - 44
  • 3rd additional unit - 50
  • 4th additional unit – 56


  • In case you need workers for Greenfield projects, then you should have 10% of the total skilled manpower as per million tons capacity or 300 workers.
  • For Brownfield projects, you need 5% of the total skilled manpower as per million tons or 300 workers.
  • To complete the project, it needs total manpower to stage of conceptualization by the sponsoring authority with a flow chart.
  • Foreign manpower requirement beyond the limits and it is examined by a Standing Committee having members from Ministries concerned.
  • For the reason of figuring out the capability of the unit, it must be the authorized capacity as licensed through the Ministry concerned of the government of India in admire of PSUs. In respect of the private sector, steel units, the idea of potential can be as per the Financial disclosure statement of a Scheduled Bank or RBI-permitted Non-Banking Financial company (NBFC) duly authenticated and certified.
  • For ongoing tasks with contractual duty, deployment of overseas personnel may exceed the pointers based totally on examination via the Ministry of Labour & Employment on the merits of each case.

Project Visa Vs Employment Visa

A Project Visa is issued to a skilled and well-qualified foreign national employee so that he/she may also tour to India and carry out their responsibilities so that a selected assignment may be completed. The Visa is applied via the enterprise or company sending the person across and the person being sent across is usually already hired via the overseas employer. It’s an understanding that the tour and work in India are for a particular period and the everlasting permanent employment of the individual being sent across for work purposes.

Project Visa employees can’t be sent across on an Employment Visa because an Employment Visa suggests that the Visa holder is enrolled inside the ranks of an organization that operates in India and gets paid on the Indian payroll system or method, and pays taxes as necessary. Employment Visas are for those which might be in search of/are placed in everlasting or permanent posts as personnel of a company, rather than being temporary professional/skilled workers which can be sent across to India to make a contribution to complete the project.

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