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Sports Visa

Sports Visa is granted to those elite sportspeople, athletes, and coaches whose employment in India contributes a significant development in the field of sports or who are invited to visit India in a sports league/competition/event.

The sportsperson must apply for their visa before heading to India if he or she is a sportsman based on from foreign country.

However, the person should also show the letter of the sponsoring club or professional sports team certificate that confirms they are professional athletes/ coaches/sportsperson. Meanwhile, once the letter received by the immigration department of India, the applicant can apply for entry clearance in India.

Eligibility or procedure for grant of Sports Visa clearance

  • Invitation to foreign sportspersons or sports team to visit India for sports league may be extended by the concerned Association in India or Sports Federation if the visa is approved by the government of India in the Department of Sports (Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports).
  • The organization must fulfill all the relevant information or document or the proposal for holding the international sports invent to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports so that the government can give the approval or clearance.

In respect of the following categories of international sports activities movements, the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports (Department of sports) will refer the proposals with their strategies or recommendations to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of External Affairs so that the sports team or sponsors get prior clearance. However, the sponsors must apply for sports visa before 30 days for the great event:

  • The participants who are involving in the sports in India must apply for Prior Reference Categories (PRC) countries such as Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, foreigners of Pakistani origins, and Stateless persons.
  • Participants who are visiting India for an event are required to visit ‘restricted or protected’ areas in India, Jammu & Kashmir and the North Eastern States. However, the states must not be Manipur, Mizoram, and Nagaland.

In such cases, the Indian Missions/ Posts shall clear the visa to the members of the sports team who are coming to India for the sports league.

  • However, the sports team visa request must get clearance from the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports.
  • Clearance for holding the occasion from the Ministry of Home Affairs and
  • Political clearance for preserving the event from the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Members or participants from the international locations or countries who are coming to India for games or sports are required to apply for a visa at the Indian Mission/ Post after concerning or applying online.
  • Sports teams and sports persons will likely be granted the “X-SP” Visa for some duration.

Note: Foreign nationals or sportspersons who are coming to India must have a contract or invitation to play in India’s commercial sports events with remuneration that will be also granted with a Business Visa (Business-Sports) with multiple entry or facilities for a period.

Meeting of Sports Bodies

Members of the delegations or sports team of the foreign countries who are coming to India to attend meetings of sports bodies such as the International Olympic Association, etc. will be granted with ‘Conference Visa’ which is an appropriate subcategory of sports visa.

Endorsement of the sportsperson by the sports’ governing body

A certificate of sponsorship to be granted to the sportsperson or sports team in the Indian visa category, in the sponsoring club ought to have an endorsement for the applicant from the appropriate governing body for their sports. The endorsement will verify that:

  • (i) The sports player or coach must have a great identity internationally so that sponsoring sports can be easy; and
  • (ii) The participant or coach will make a big contribution to the development of his or her game on the best level in India; and
  • (iii) The post would no longer be crammed via a compatible settled employee.

Sportsperson Points Assessment

If you are desired to get the immigrant to India under the Sportsperson visa category, then you must achieve a minimum score of 70 points from the following areas of assessment:

  • Sponsorship - 50 Points

You should have ownership of a legitimate Tier 2 Sports Person certificate of sponsorship.

Please do note that the declaration or certificate of sponsorship should also have a governing body endorsement or support number, which the sponsor is answerable for.

  • Maintenance 10 points

To meet the maintenance necessities and accomplish the necessary score of 10 points you should show proof that you have accessible assets of 800 USD which have been in your bank account for at least three months prior so that you can apply for a Sports visa in India.

Duration of Stay

During your stay in India under the permission of a Sports visa, you will be able to live and play sports in India for a maximum time of three years or time provided to your certificate of sponsorship (sports event happen within the time). At the end of your sports visa period if you also want to stay for some time, then you can apply for your sports visa extend.

Spouses and Dependents

If your spouse and dependents coming with you to India under the sports visa category, then you need to make a provision for your loved ones/spouses/unmarried partners to the immigrant to India. You also need to grant all the official documents which show that that person is with you and is willing to come with you during the sports event.

Other information

  • Sports visas will not be normally essential visa choice for sportspeople, with business or other short-stay in India, before applying for a sports visa, you have to secure your sponsorship from an authorized sports visa sponsor. Approved sports visa sponsors incorporate government agencies and Indian organizations who administer or promote sports or game events in India.
  • Some eligibility specifications have to be met to all the establish eligibility for a sports visa. The eligibility requisites are intricate and vary depending on why you are coming to India.
  • Sports visas are often subject to work restrictions that restrict what you can do in India. You must realize these restrictions earlier than making your sport visa.
  • Some other obligations are additionally imposed on the sponsoring business or organization. Non-compliance with these obligations or restrictions can result in the organization being fined or having restrictions placed on its ability to sponsor sportsperson in the future.

Documents are required for a Sports visa

Complete your sports visa application with correct answers, print it, and then sign it.

  • Paste your photograph: The photos of you must be clicked recently. It should not be more than 3 months old. However, the photographs must comply with the Indian visa photo criteria.
  • Valid passport: Your passport should be valid at least for 6 months before you apply for Indian Sports Visa. However, you need to be aware that your passport must not be older than 10 years and make sure it has at least two blank pages for the visa sticker.
  • Personal Covering Letter: In this letter, you need to explain the reason why you are coming to India, and what you will do while you are here.
  • Flight reservation: you must provide your flight numbers and your entry and exit dates in India if you are coming to India for Sports Events.
  • Proof of accommodation or staying: in this proof, you need to show your status where you will stay while you are in India by submitting these following documents:
    1. Hotel Booking: a document or letter issued by the accommodation or hotel specifying its address, contact number, and period of staying.
    2. Letter of Invitation: you must have a letter of invitation from the authority of sports from India, showing your whole period of stay in India.

Means of Finance

In this, you need to show some of your proofs of finance:

  • Your bank account statements: that confirms you have enough amount for your period of stay in India.
  • Letter of sponsorship by the organization: A letter issued by the sports authorities who is sponsoring your trip or sports to India, mentioning information on the purpose of your trip or tour, and all the expenses that will be covered.

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